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Personal Essay

No one wakes up deciding to be an artist. For years, when questioned about my plans for the future, the words architech, economist, and teacher left my lips. My heart ached to say otherwise, but it never dared. So instead, it just let out the professions which usually inspire a smile upon a parent’s face. It wasn’t until I met a man whose sun shines so bright, it inspired to make mine shine too. It was through his instruction that i learned to pour my heart out with a pencil, to dip a brush into my soul and turn a white canvas into humanity, to mold clay into dreams or nightmares; to be an artist in a world that lacks art.
And now, when asked the same question, happiness is the answer and art is the way. However, there is never lack of people to suggest i do art as a hobby. But they fail to understand that when it comes to this profession, it is all or nothing. You’re not sort of an artist, you either are or not. I recently learned that, according to Typefocus, my personality type is ENTP, known as the debator. One profession which compliments the ENTP’s rather well is that of the lawyer, for they are excellent communicators. But I, on the contrary, want to use my communication skills to expose man through art. Another trait that oft times is found in this personality type is
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According to the site,, to be able to support the modest lifestyle I aspire in Asutin, Texas, I would have to earn at least $2,500 monthly to cover that month’s expenses. The price goes up when speaking of more art-oriented cities, such as New York City, Chicago, or Seattle. As CNN’s cost of living calculator predicts, if i were to make an artist annual median pay in Texas, in order to keep the same lifestyle in New York i would have to earn anywhere from $10,000 to $50,000 more, depending on which part of New