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William Voisin
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December 17th, 2014

Effective front desk up selling increases online reputation by 25%.

This article topic is about how front desks upselling can increase online reputation a lot. When guest first walks in a hotel he has to deal with front desk, which is why it is really important for the front desk to notice, which could be the potential clients that can eventually be spending more money on their stay. The more result they have upselling the rooms the better chances the guests will comment something positive online.
Nowadays all hotels really depends on the Internet in order to sell themselves to some potential guests. Ever since the big rise online of social media and the reviews, hotels had to keep on following up with their guests in order to keep up with their reputation. In order to be successful front desk has to make a good impression to the guests right away since they are the first person that they encounter. What hotels need to do is insist a lot during the training of these employees on how to greet the guests the right way since they are the moment of truth. If it’s the guests birthday, they need to make sure that they send an amenity to their rooms right away because little details like that really changes everything for a guest. If the guests are happy they will comment something good in the reviews, which will affect the online reputation, which will increase the amount of online booking. As the rates of people going online to write reviews has never been as high, it is very important for them to understand that keeping up with the new trends is a must if they want to keep on staying profitable.

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