Attention and Simple Songs Essay example

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Provide objects to see, hear, and grasp, e.g., rattles.
Coos and vocalizes spontaneously
Babbles in syllables. 6 to 18 MONTHS
Learns through the senses, especially the mouth.
Likes to put things in and take things out of mouth, cupboards, boxes, etc
Likes to hear objects named. Begins to understand such familiar words as eat, Mama, bye-bye, doggie.
May not speak until age 1 or later.
1 -2 years
Learn through senses.
Is curious, likes to explore; pokes fingers in holes
Can say the names of some common objects.
Use one-word sentences, "No," "Go," "Down," "Bye-bye." Can point to and name common body parts and familiar objects. Can understand simple directions.
Begins to enjoy simple songs and rhymes.
2- 3 years
Begins to sing simple songs and say rhymes.
Uses three- to four-word sentences.
Has a short attention span.
Continue to learn through senses; still is very curious.
Uses imagination a lot; starts dramatic play and role playing; likes to play grown-up roles, e.g., Mommy, Daddy, fire-fighter, spaceman, Wonder Woman.
Continues to learn through senses.
Begins to see cause-and-effect relationships.
Is curious and inquisitive.
Has large vocabulary, 1500 to 2000 words; has strong interest in language; is fascinated by words and silly sounds
Likes to shock adults with bathroom language.
Has insatiable curiosity; talks incessantly; asks innumerable questions.
Nightmares are common.
Has imaginary friends and active fantasy life.
May stutter if tired or nervous; may lisp.
Tries only what he/she can accomplish; will follow instructions and accept supervision.
Knows colours, numbers, etc.; can identify penny, nickel, dime; may be able to print a few letters; a few children learn to read on their own.
7-8 years
Uses reflective, serious thinking. Thoughts can be based on logic; child can solve more complex problems.
Enjoys hobbies and skills
Likes to be challenged, to work hard, and to take time completing a task.
May develop stuttering when under stress.
Wants all of everything and finds it difficult to make choices.
8-9 years
Wants to know the reasons for things. Often overestimates own ability; generalizes instances of failure