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Product or service Description ✓ Details of the product/service ✓ What need does the product meet for customers? ✓ What is unique about the product/service? ✓ Competitive advantage ✓ Barriers to entry
Strategies to overcome barriers

What are the technology and equipment that we are using in the carwash The answer is on the highlighted sentences. Hope it will help you :)
How many workforce are we hiring and how long and where did they undergo their training I think we need around 10 people. The training cost us 1298 per person. So we need to get 12980 for 10 people :S but this is
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Most of us are using devices that have Wifi internet access. Our car wash provides Wifi internet service and a shady place for the customer to sit, wait and continue with their work if their work needs internet access. Besides that, we will give free car wash for our loyal customers. Not only free car wash, we will give them a free polish and waxing for their 30th visit to our car wash. Plus, our car wash system will provide a fast wash within 8 minutes per car*. This will save time for our customer that is on-the-go so that they will reach their destination on time.

Competitive advantage

From our SWOT analysis, we have found out that most car wash will take along time to wash a car. Although they take quite some time for a car wash to be washed, the result form the wash does not satisfy the customer. This is because the car is not well-cleaned and the car is scratched. So our advantage for this problem is that we will make sure that our laborer will not use hard substances and always be aware of their surroundings whenever they are washing a car. Besides that, we will ask our laborer to inspect the car after the car has been washed. As we all know, if the cars is not well-cleaned, the car will undergo a second wash. Thus, this will ake care of our quality as a car wash service provider. Besides that, we will ensure that our laborer to work within 8 minutes and produce a good quality service to meet the customer's