Essay on California or Oregon

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29 April 2014
California or Oregon
If you are looking for great climate, awesome nightlife, and a high end lifestyle, then San Diego County is the place for you. If four seasons, the great outdoors, and a more moderate living is more your thing, then Jackson County may just be the place for you.
Sunshine, sunshine, sunshine!!!!! That’s what you get in San Diego County…… 300 days on average as a matter of fact! Although the average daily temperature most of the year is a beautiful 71 degrees, the winter temperatures can possibly dip to a chilling 58 degrees. With weather like that, it makes it easy to enjoy the vast array of things to do year round in San Diego County.
San Diego County offers every kind of activity imaginable; amusement park attractions, unlimited outdoor recreation, sightseeing tours, top rated restaurants, a thriving arts and culture community, 70 miles of beaches, countless parks and gardens, and a variety of spas. You can find all these things at
To enjoy all the amenities San Diego County has to offer though, you’ll need to take advantage of the lower unemployment rate of 6.9% and the higher average income of $64,000 ( Depending on what your career or occupation may be, the drive time to work may be a bit longer than expected, averaging at 25 minutes, but just think of the beautiful scenery you get on your way!
Summer, winter, spring and fall…….Jackson County has them all! Summer time average temperature is 73.3 degrees while average winter temperature is about 36.8 according to Even though there is lots to do in Jackson County, the winter driving conditions make enjoying a lot of these activities challenging.
Summertime activities include boating and fishing on many of the beautiful lakes and rivers, and camping at one of more than 250 camping sites. The popularity of these campgrounds is enhanced by all the attractions available to campers, including beaches, boating, full-service marinas, nature trails, golf and more that are only minutes away from the campgrounds, according to “What to do in Jackson County”. More summer activities include music at the Britt Festival, sightseeing around the many National Parks, and enjoying the numerous historical sites that Jackson County has to offer.
Winter activities are a bit more limited to skiing, snowboarding, snow shoeing, sledding, and the good old fashioned “building snowmen in your own front yard”.
Life in Oregon is a bit more laid back and slower paced, including the economy. Unfortunately the unemployment rate is hovering at 10%