Essay on Career Exploration

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Career Exploration
COUN 522-D15: Career Development and Counseling

Liberty University

Career Field/Occupation of Choice
For the purpose of this paper, I have chosen to explore the occupation field of education, guidance, school, and vocational counselors. More specifically, the focus of this paper will be on the career field of school counselors. My primary interest is identified as social, with my highest work value being relationships. These assessment results are accurate and highlight my personal passions and professional career aspirations.
Nature of the Work A school counselor exists to support students, providing academic guidance, as well as personal counseling for students with special needs. The counselor serves as an
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Good listening skills are important, as this will provide a counselor with the information needed to understand the problem. In addition, effective people and speaking skills will assist the counselor in fostering a positive working environment and clear communication.
Opportunities and Future Outlook The need for school counselors varies depending upon enrollment, population size, and budget. The career field of school counseling anticipates a 19% growth between the years of 2010 to 2020 (2012-2013B, Job Outlook, para. 1). School counselors provide students and parents with critical information and services. Unfortunately, local budget will be a major deciding factor as to whether or not school districts can afford to hire counselors full-time.
Economic and Non-Economic Benefits The average median salary of school counselors is approximately $53,380 (2012-2013C, Pay, para. 1). The base salary ranges from approximately $31,630-86,250. This average will vary depending on locality, as well as within public and private schools. Typically, a school counselor will work full-time in the school system. Unfortunately, many states have a restricted budget and may not be able to hire a full-time school counselor. There are many personal satisfaction factors and rewards to consider in the field of school counseling. The current generation of students has to deal with issues