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This new journey in my life has been an exciting road trip that is not over yet. While taking my Management 5000 class, I’ve learned a great deal and really enjoyed the journey. It is always great when you are learning crucial information that can mature you, not only as an employee, but also as an individual.
During this course, I have learned that managers are primarily administrators who have learned to write business plans, utilize their resources and keep track of progress. I am not limited by my job title which means I can utilize my management skills in any position that I am in. I can also use my leadership skills in the same situations. On the other hand, I have also learned that leaders are people who have an impact on those that surround them. The main difference that separates these two roles is that management is a function that must be utilized in any type of business and leadership is the relationship that the leader has with its followers, which in turn can motivate and energize an organization.
There are many tasks that a manager does on a daily basis which include problem solving, facilitating meetings, and many other routine office tasks. Management is the process of working with people and resources to accomplish organizational goals. Good managers do things both effectively and efficiently. However, many of these tasks should not be duplicated by a group of individuals. Different people can take on parts of the management function. Someone on a team can take care of the planning, while another person does the budgeting, and a third can monitor the progress and quality that each team member provides. Management is like an investment. Great managers want to invest all resources at their disposal as efficiently as possible in order to get the