Essay about Cold War

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Cold War
Ella Cooke
Prof: Sharon Squires
April 28, 2014

Cold War When people hear the word war, what are some words that are used to describe it? Most people would naturally say battle, conflict, fighting, injuries, death, opinions, and these would all be true, however when we hear of the “Cold War”, would it also include all the words that were just mentioned? Wars are typically fought between two opposing sides who don’t agree with one another, and it usually involves using weapons. With that being said is the “Cold War” the same type as other wars such as the Civil War, World War 1 and 11, the answer could be yes and no. While it was a war involving two different sides, it wasn’t fought using weapons, but with words, which some might find confusing. Upon doing research on this particular subject it finally made sense on how a war could be fought without using weapons, only words, stay tuned. The easiest way to start anything is to start at the beginning, so what is exactly is the “Cold War”, what parties were involved, and why was it fought. Although there is not concrete answer as to when it has started, it is estimated to have begun in 1947-1991. It was between two different countries the United States, and the Soviet Union, but keep in mind that it wasn’t fought with weapons, rather in words. Both parties wanted to be in control of the world that we refer to as America and since neither one was going to give in or compromise they were going to war. The only positive thing that could be found in this war is it didn’t involve any physical contact between the two sides. Cold War is defined in the text as the art and practice of using political power over a given territory, which was the U.S. and the Soviet Union. These are known as proxy wars, where they are instigated by higher powers, but they don’t get directly involved (Orwell, 1947). Upon doing research, which involved talking to several people I was shocked at the answers I got when I asked if they had ever heard of the Cold War, did they study it in school, and if so what do you remember about it. There was only one who could tell me that he had heard of it, but that was about it so I had to research it on my own in order to learn about it. The Cold War was a verbal war fought between two countries, which were the United States, and the Soviet Union after the ending of World War 11. On the political side of things the United States,…