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The Influence of Culture

Gavin Pitner
UW English 131

Gavin Pitner
UW English 131
Admissions Essay

So many things in today’s society can influence the person you are and will become. Things we watch on T.V. influence today’s younger generations greatly. We see the way people act on T.V. and we try to impersonate that character whether ‘tis bad or good. I’m originally from Germany and because of that and my mother and grandmother being German we celebrate holidays the German way. Because of my cultural background with Germany, I travel there a lot and I am influenced by a lot when I go there the people are so much different there then over here and in my opinion nicer. I went there two years ago for a German language learning school. There I met people from all over the world, people from Columbia, Spain, Poland, Mexico, and all amazing people. My experience with travelling to different countries gave me the ability to learn and experience their culture and lifestyles and wasn’t stuck in one place with all the same. People who are isolated to one particular area are fixed on a single mindset that comes from there.
I’ve always grown up in a mostly healthy environment. This has let me keep focus on my future and current life and career goals. Being a federal agent for the FBI would mean the world to me but nobody gets far without putting the work in. I realize that if I want to get anywhere in life I’m going to have to work hard at that and I’m