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College Essay Lying in that tube was the most terrifying 35 minutes of my life. The sounds of the clanking and beeping and the occasional move of the table. The only thing running through my mind was softball, the fact that my career could be over. Then, there was the pain, the pain that put me into that tube, and then numbness. I only have two loves in my life my family and softball. I played on 3 teams that summer and I was the catcher for each one of them. My back began to hurt but I didn’t think anything of it other than the usual aches and pains of a catcher, until I couldn’t move the entire right side of my body. It became hard to walk. I’m not usually one to complain but I knew this was serious. My parents never believed me all my father told me was to “suck it up” and that meant I was playing hard. I had a few days off from games and I was feeling just fine until I had to slide. I got the pain in my lower back, excruciating pain, and I could not get up. It took about 15 minutes for them to finally get me off the field and that was the day my father realized I needed to see a doctor. The doctors were nice, asked me a bunch of routine questions and then it was time for the physical exam. That was where it all went wrong. One slight little touch and I was in tears, there were knots the size of my fists in my back. Then there were the words I was dreading “we need to send you for an MRI.” I was absolutely terrified I didn’t want to go. I didn’t know it was this serious. “What if I need surgery?”, What if my career is over?”, but the biggest question of all for me was “What is wrong with me?”. Never in a million years would I have ever dreamed I’d have to go into that metal clanking obnoxious tube, but I had to. I had to find out what was