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You work for a member of Congress. A new video came out that describes the life of a bill in Congress ( Your boss wants you to review this film and create an accompanying board game. The board game should include the steps a bill takes in each house of Congress and the possible paths at each step. The game will be sold to educate the American people about how the law making process works.

Your board game must include the following steps in the lawmaking process:
4 points Committee actions (amending, voting, etc.)
4 points Both chambers (House and Senate)
4 points Second chamber actions (pass with or without amendments)
8 points 4 possible actions of President
4 points At least 2 different paths to becoming a law
4 points At least 2 different paths in which the bill is killed (doesn’t become a law)

Your game must also meet the following requirements:
5 points Game board and pieces are neat, in color, and shows effort
2 points Game has a title
5 points Set of directions included (easy to follow, neatly written or typed)

40 points total (Major Grade)

I will multiply your total points x 2.5 for a possible total of 100 points. That final number will be your test grade for this project. For example, if you receive 30/40 points, I will multiple 30 x 2.5 = 75 for your test grade.

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