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Avid III
Antwa’Lena Black
College Essay

If you were to look back on your high school years, what advice would you give to someone beginning their high school career? What would you tell the children that are about to experience there life, how it is in high school. This essay will explain how high school is now, and how it was when I entered high school. This advice I am giving the students will let them understand that high school is serious, not a joke.

When, I first started high school I was nervous, because I didn’t know anybody. The day I moved from middle school I moved to Minnesota for years, and then I finally moved back home I didn’t remember anybody. I really didn’t experience middle school like I wanted too, it kind of bothered me because middle school years are fun. Then, when high school came it was chaos, because everybody you thought you knew was at the orientation and faces didn’t bring back memory. The orientation was like million of kids trying to get schedules, lockers, id’s and everything. High school was about to start for me and I was ready but nervous. The next day it was high school time, I was lost for a couple of weeks, but as I was looking through my schedule I got used to it by now. High school was not that bad freshman year, but my mom and brother gave me the most extraordinary advice I ever received about school.

One of the advice that I’ve received was never slack your freshman year of high, always keep your grades up. I’m going