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Jack Mezzadri
College Essay

Many people would probably describe a place where they are perfectly content as an open field or their bed or maybe even the park, but not me, the place where I am most satisfied in my life is the baseball field. I know many people believe that would be crazy because of the yelling, noises and action, but honestly, those aspects are what makes this place so amazing for me. The smell of freshly cut grass, the sound of the glove popping when the ball hits it and especially the sound of the ball hitting the wooden bat. The action is what makes me happy because it’s what I love to do and has been ever since I was born.
Ever since I was born I was holding or throwing and catching a baseball and ever since I was five years old I have been on a baseball diamond and I consider it a second home. Baseball is where I can go to escape from the troubles I’ve been facing in my life. If I had a frustrating day I can go to the field, forget about everything and take the frustration out on the ball as I take batting practice. I don’t have to think on the field I can forget about everyone and everything, be me and do what I do best. Being on a baseball field my whole life I have played for a numerous amount of coaches, if I can take one thing from all those years that has made me a better person off the field. I’ve learned how important respect is in life and I have taken the respect I have learned to have everyday on the field and utilized it in my life.
Another aspect of baseball that makes the field so perfect for me is that the whole entire game is based off of