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Question: What is one important question you wish we had asked?

College admission essays all have a common theme of, “tell me what I want to hear.” Why do you want to attend our college? What are your plans for the future? Tell us a little about yourself, and so the list goes on. In reality, to know about a student you have to give them a prompt that lights a fire within their imagination. Let them dig into their mind and put everything on that paper, have their deepest thoughts typed in twelve point font in Times New Roman with one inch margins. I know I would want to attend a college that wants to know how I think, not how I spit back with some run-of-the-mill question about my reasoning for choosing their school. Pose a philosophical question, one where I can really think long and hard. Challenge me, find out who the girl attending you college for the next four years is. The question I would have liked you to ask me is, “What is the difference between being alive and living a life?” To be alive is not the same as living. Living requires adventure and passion. Life is automatically given without even asking for it. Some people wake up every day and do the same activities day in and day out. They hear the alarm clock at 5:30, get in the shower, head off to work, come home cook dinner, and go back to sleep, never having had the opportunity to really live. I guarantee every single one of the seven billion people on this planet has a list of what they want to do before they die. But, how many of those people will be able to cross at least one thing off that list? Living