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There are several reasons why a college education is important to me. A college education will provide me with the tools and knowledge to succeed in the field of Computer Science. The knowledge I gain from school will open doors for me, and let me provide a life for my family. With these new opportunities will come more responsibilities where I can continue to learn and grow. I want to show my children that a quality education leads to success. But the most satisfying reason is personal satisfaction. I would love to have that diploma hanging on the wall in my office for others to see.

I come from a family of 7. Growing up we were very poor. We didn’t have the luxuries that children have these days. No one I knew even went to college. When a person comes from a poverty stricken family, it’s difficult to visualize anything but that lifestyle, however I was the dreamer of the family, always telling my parents of the things I would do. Throughout high school, my plan was always to go right off to college and begin a whole new life. Isn’t it Funny how life works out sometimes? That summer I was married and shortly after started a family. My dream of an education was put on hold. Now its 28 years down the road and I am going to college. Each day my family inspires me to be better. With the education I receive from Ashworth College, I will be able to support my family. Doors that once were closed will now open and provide opportunities I would not have otherwise. I have recently been passed over for a promotion simply because I didn’t have the degree required for the job I’ve held for 15 years. Now I will have the skills to do my job better and earn those promotions.

According to Fast Facts the average income for a high school graduate is almost $15,000.00 less than a college graduate. I have been a computer tech person for the last 15 years. The wage I earn is lower than the