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Saif Ahmed
Ms. Capo/Per. 1
October 11, 2012

COLLEGE ESSAY As I stood at the corner waiting for my ride to work, glancing at the surrounding streets, it made me wonder if life’s full of open roads that had different opportunities to determine your future. Who am I? Why am I here? Am I ready for all this? These questions began to arise when my ride finally arrived and had to take the next step on the long road to fulfilling my dreams. Who you are as a person, isn’t always defined by social status, clothing, or your friends. It’s about your beliefs and where you come from. My name is Saif Ahmed, and this is my story. Living in an Arab-American family is one of the most unique and pleasant experiences one can go through. Life itself is revelation because the more you learn of your identity, the less you seem to know. I’ve lived in two completely different worlds and could never imagine my life without it. Without heritage, every family or community or country would be alike. We wouldn’t have our own identity and we would not be unique as we are today. Knowledge and traditions would have been lost! There would be no relationship between individuals. Emotions disappear and life would have lost its meaning. I was fortunate to meet people who didn’t view me as a social target but more of an inspiration. They were fascinated by my trip to Saudi Arabia in the summer of 2011. The trip gave me an opportunity to sort out my inner conflicts about both cultures for myself. This vast and wonderful world that gave me life and kept me guessing became a vocation. In the old days, the only transportation was horses, camels, carts, but mostly just walking. No one could comprehend the perilous journey of walking hundreds of miles in scorching heat. Success shares the same concept. Life is a long struggle towards your destination or goal