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Leaving My Mark As I agitate my chemicals back and forth, back and forth, my eyes begin to wander around the developing room. One day I notice, the clear, acid waste disposal tube running from the ceiling to the floor in the back left corner of the room. Students from photo classes’ years ago to my current AP photography class today, have signed their names on this. Gazing upon all the names and the years of graduates, I sign mine. When I was 13, my mom bought me my first digital camera; a sky-blue Canon Power Shot, 10 Megapixels. I wanted something that no one else had. I brought it everywhere with me; school, sleepovers, the mall, birthday parties, anywhere you could possibly imagine. I’d always make my friends do fun things for pictures, like jump off a swing or dress in crazy outfits. They enjoyed modeling for me, and some of them still have the pictures framed in their bedrooms today. They liked when I took pictures, even to this day, I’m being asked to photograph my friend’s senior pictures for my school yearbook. My friends liked the way I went about things; being comfortable, easy going, and not afraid to go out on an adventure or get down and dirty for an awesome shot in the wilderness.
All my life I have been this kind of person, wanting to stand out and have people remember me. Even today at my current part time job, working at a frozen yogurt shop, I tend to grab people’s attention. I’ll throw my orange visor on backwards or even upside-down sometimes, just for kicks. Customers will always catch me singing or dancing along to the music we play in there too, but they enjoy it and sometimes even join along with me. I want to be able to leave my mark in other people’s lives and have people remember me for ME. Something I’ve always been drawn to; starting a new path instead of following a paved one. I definitely can’t achieve this life goal by sitting in an office all day. Waking up, working 9-5, Monday through Friday, sitting home on the