Essay on coming into american classes

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Ryan’ Marie Dixon
Professor Dobyns
English 100 CRN #11133
2 December 2013
Coming into American Classes Class to most is measured by what you have or what you get that others don’t. Well in the movie Coming to America class is depicted as much more than that. The main characters argue that class should not depend on what others see but instead it should be determined by how happy you are and who e shock and is there during that happiness. They show us that being high above everyone isn’t always better than just living the normal upper-middle class life. Prince Akeem is faced with so many challenges when he first arrives in America such as things like culture and class recognition. But all with a good humble heart he is able to understand that there are other ways to live besides being catered to and pampered at home. King Jaffe , Akeem’s father , on the other hand, doesn’t come to America with the same mindset that his son did. He sought nothing more beyond the fact that his royal son was interacting with those below him. Coming to America was made to teach us that there are no class barriers when it comes to being in love and being happy. Firstly, when watching this film in the beginning you see prince Akeem being treated as he is; in a princely way, in his palace where he has servants and cleaners putting him in a place that makes him feel handicapped because he is not allowed to act and take care of his self as he pleases. Akeem, does not wish to live like this though. He feels that there is much more to life than being better than and above everyone else who helps him be seen as who he is. Prince Akeem is a prime example of data collected by Lisanne Gibson, who says, “ The data does show the existence of omnivourousness, suggesting that a distinction between “legitimate” or “ordinary” culture no longer derives from distinguishing forms of cultured participation.” With this she is using her gathered data to prove to us that people of separate classes, usually attitudes from higher addressed at the lower, become a more not in connect when one begins to feel like they are entitled to more than another because of what their name or status is. In Coming to America we see this exampled by such scenes like when Lisa’s boyfriend throws his drink at lowly worker Akeem because his family has a successful business that causes him to live better than he should be or deserves to be living. We all separate ourselves from those who are not like us on occasion but most of know that we are all equal no matter what tier of the life platform you are on. And we know that moving up or staying up in the world isn’t easy and you don’t get to the top by thinking you are above everyone. Secondly we look at how and why Akeem can see outside of his life style and into the life of another and compeletely understand that for them comfortable living isn’t being 100 percent pampered. He can see that other people have worked extremely hard for what they have and did not come into there money without a struggle and hustle. He recognizes that not everything is just handed to you because you are rich. Although at some points he does use his money resources to assist him in stepping ahead of the competition a few times he never loses sight of what is truly inside his heart and what his actual goal is. Prince Akeem is a rare individual that knows his net worth isn’t exactly all that matters compared to self worth and how people look at you and judge you. King Jaffe, prince Akeem’s father says during an argument, “ I will do no such thing the man is beneath me and so is his daughter.” In many ways this is seen as typical behavior from a king and should be the way that Akeem acts but because Akeem has the gifts of empathy and sympathy and he uses them just to make sure that everywhere he goes and everything he does is a reflection of him and what he believes in and stands for. Darryl Jenks, long time boyfriend of Lisa McDowell, is also someone