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Chapter one
The interpersonal communication process Communication is a set of information where there is a sender and a receiver involved, and a message to be delivered across. The process begins with a specific information that need to be send to a specific person or group, the message is coded and passed along a bath with in the path there is what is called “noise” . The term nose could be defined in varies ways; one is a misunderstanding along the path, a disruption with in the channel, or something blocking the way of the message making it unclear to the receiver. Once the information is past this stage, the receiver decodes the message and understands it. There are many ways a breakdown could happen; some of the main breakdowns are misunderstanding of information, difference of languages, difference in attitudes, and an overload of information. This sometimes happens with me for my language differences and dialogite of my language, and how interoperates words and attitudes in different means then they truly mean. Nonverbal communication could be varies things such as, eye contact, body language, and the use of your body movements such as movement of hands and swaying side to side. The nonverbal signs I tend to send are my hand movements and eye contact. I tend to have a focused eye contact with the person I speak with, which at times could be too much focus making the person uncomfortable. The main function I tend to demonstrate is the need for information. I tend to usually ask many questions to try to find the most information on new and interesting topics that are brought about in a conversation. The second most commonly used function of communication is to satisfy my physical needs. When I’m in a stressful situation angry, mad or something happened during my day, I tend to feel the need to communicate with a close friend or my daughter to release the stress through one form or another of communication. The personal frame of reference is based on main different things. This F.O.R is shaped and based on our life experiences, culture, life style, believes, knowledge.