Communication Is The Key To Growth And Relationships With Others

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Communication is the key to growth and development of oneself, and relationships with others. Good relationships are normally forged over good communication skills. We all know of the popular saying, “No man is an island.” This means that human beings are social animals needing interaction, no man was born to be a loner. Without effective communication it would be impossible to survive in this cut-throat world. Therefore, it is a necessity to have good communication skills in order to relate well with other people.
There are two main reasons why we communicate:
• To gather relevant information from people.
• To elicit emotional support to people and in turn build mutually useful relationships.
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Also, the settings of goals and targets take place.

One gains small wins and surpasses their goals. It is important to recognize your win, congratulate yourself and remind yourself of your progress.
The cycle repeats itself again. One thinks about what is working for them and what needs to be done in order to improve the desired outcome and achieve more. New plans and strategies for success are drawn up.
Remember that in today’s competitive world we need to believe in ourselves to be able to be ahead and stay ahead. Moreover, internal self talk affects interpersonal communication.

2) Interpersonal Communication
As the name suggests, this is communication between different people. The most important element of this type of communication is listening. Most people overlook this skill and tend to think that listening is a passive act. This is why it is very common to see people who keep quiet during a conversation, waiting for their turn to speak. In the real sense, listening requires active mental effort. A survey carried out in the United States of America showed that only twenty five percent of people think they are good listeners. This proves to show that it is a skill that is lacking and should be learned to maintain good relationships.
There are two types of listening:
i) Supportive Listening
This is the type of listening that shows empathy, sympathy and encouragement. In most cases it is usually one