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Analyze Communication
John Spear
BUS 600: Management Communication with Technology Tools
Dr. Erick Aguilar
December 02, 2014

Analyze Communication
Communication skills is the transmitting, receiving, and processing of information. The better the communication skill the more likely the message will be interpreted better. To analyze my current communication skills I took the Queendom Communication skill test and scored 62%. My results indicate that I am fairly adept at interpreting other people’s words and actions and seeing things from their perspective - although the rare misunderstanding may occur. Overall however, I seem to realize that empathy is an essential part of good interpersonal skills and therefore, will do my best to place myself in other people’s shoes in order to better understand them. For the most part, I can sense what others are thinking and will likely adjust my behavior accordingly if a person I am conversing with seems confused or perhaps uncomfortable. There may be the occasional time when I pay more attention to the message I am sending rather than how it’s received. With some time and experience, you’ll likely be able to improve your insight even more.(Queendom) The quiz will give me great insight on how to improve my communication skills. The quiz indicated that my weakest area was my assertiveness. The way to improve this would be to have more self confidence in the message or information I am delivering. The part of the quiz I scored the highest in was insightfulness. This part shows that I am self confident when communicating my opinion about information or a situation.
Communication gaps often happen when the message that is being delivered is not being received and understood by the receiver. One of the communication gaps I often experience come from a person not being able to see a situation as I see it. Personal differences can cause a breakdown in communication amongst people. In my personal job experiences, I have seen communication gaps because of the diversity of the workplace including ethnicity, gender, age, etc. Because I realize the communication gap I’m experiencing, I find myself often trying to listen more attentively before responding in conversations so that I am able to make sure I have a good understanding. I’ve noticed that this opens my mind to new ideas, opinions and insights of others, therefore bridging the gap in my communication skills and interpersonal relationships.
I believe that I would benefit greatly from additional training in communicating empathy and sensitivity as well as working on my non-verbal communication. In my current position as an accounts receivable representative, I often have to express understanding to our