The Importance Of A Project Manager

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EN1320 Composition 1 Module 5
Mrs. Clark
February 21, 2014

Clergyman John C. Maxwell once stated, “The greatest mistake we make is living in constant fear that we will make one.” Growing up in a family of seven to second generation immigration farm workers, the passion to improve upon my conditions was instilled by my paternal grandparents. They sacrificed more than they thought possible in the hope that an opportunity would change their lives for the better. Much hasn’t changed in terms of employment opportunities in today’s economy in comparison to the Great Depression of 1929. Specialized jobs have become a hot commodity in a rapidly changing job market. The training behind these careers is continually evolving and you must be willing and able to adapt to new technologies. I’m pursuing a career as a Project Manager because of the high demand in this field, family reasons and work experience. While the economy in the United States continues to ebb and flow and historic numbers of Americans remain unemployed, a 2012 article in Computerworld confirms that high tech professionals in the field of Information Technology, otherwise abbreviated as IT, are increasing in demand. “The number of companies planning to hire tech professionals continues to grow, with 33% of the 334 IT executives who responded to Computerworld's 2013 Forecast survey saying they plan to increase head count in the next 12 months.” For three consecutive years the percentage of respondents with intentions to hire has increased -- up from 29% last year, 23% in 2010 and 20% in 2009. Of course, IT leaders aren't just hiring technologists indiscriminately. They're seeking specific skills to deliver what businesses require to compete today. Among the top ten skills that employers are looking for in this field, project management is second on the list. A project manager is leader of a group or project that combines skill, technique and knowledge to execute tasks or projects more effectively or efficiently. It usually involves someone who can typically help organizations reach their business goals and thus better compete in their markets.
If asked to choose a loyalty between family and work, I’m fairly certain most people would side on the benefits of their family. In my case, this would not be any different. I’m currently in the process of another international adoption and one that will require special attention post placement. As the progressively aging father of a soon to be three year old son enrolled in speech therapy classes and a daughter who will more than likely require another heart surgery, my concerns are strictly based on providing the best available care for my children. My current employment, although distinguished and rewarding, has resulted in cumbersome hours and a void in the presence of my son’s routine. My desire is to complete this next part of my educational training and parlay it into a professional move that would allow me to spend more time at home with my family as well as move them closer to my parents and siblings in California. How many people have heard the expression, “Home is where the heart is” and disputed it? I believe raising my family in the presence of other relatives would be beneficial to their well-being and mine. To emphasize, I moved out of state from my family at the age of twenty-two and my quarterly visits back home throughout the year during the holidays or special family reunions has steadfastly decreased in the ensuing years due to work commitments. As a result, the passion for my position in the field that I am currently employed in has dissipated. The birth of a new opportunity combined with the advantages of strengthening some family ties would only encourage my willingness to start fresh in a new career that is looking for qualified candidates. Moreover, the Silicon Valley offers an enriched environment for employment in the IT field and seems to