Conflict: Education and B. Understanding Conflict Essay

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Conflict Management and Conflict Resolution in Higher Education

I. Introductory paragraph

A. For some, conflict is looked at as a negative thing, but if handled correctly, conflict can in fact be the foundation of a great organization.

1. What is conflict

2. The importance of conflict

3. Diversity in conflict

B. Conflict has many definitions, but truly understanding what conflict is, is very important and vital to the success of an individual and an organization.

II. First supporting section

A. What is conflict?

1. Conflict is a disagreement or challenge between individuals with conflicting thoughts or ideas.

2. Conflict is the one thing that remains consistent within an organization. If approached correctly, conflict can be a positive and influential in an organization.

B. Understanding conflict helps us see and process certain aspects of a situation differently. Once we understand what conflict is, we can comprehend the importance of it within an organization.

III. Second supporting section

A. The importance of conflict

1. Conflict can be seen as a hindrance to an organization; however, conflict has caused some of the greatest advancements in organizations.

2. For some organizations conflict is what creates the avenues and opportunities for an organization to set itself apart.

B. Conflict could be seen as just something that is dealt with in the U.S. or public schools, but it in fact is dealt with in other