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Roshan Bhakta Discussion Leader – Team Yellow February 4th, 2013 Designing Organizations and Theory

What are the possible purposes of the University Museum? a. The purpose of the University Museum could be to teach and Influence the students in the history the museum. This museum was history and it was important part of the University itself. The museum provided a safe place to the students where they could go to learn about art and take in all the amazing aspics and features the museum had to offer. 1. Who are or should be its customers? a. I believe the customers are the public if they chose to head in that direction then who ever are visiting is the customers. Just around the campus the students are the customers. They come and go everyday, the hundreds or thousand that visit on any given day. I believe the customers should be the students because opening it up to the public doesn’t seem right and clearly attendance fell when it did happen so maybe the students in this sense should be the customers. 2. What implications for the structure of the museum, the qualifications of its director, and its relationship to the university follow from the above defined purposes and customers? 3. What could be a better way to handle the situation with looking for someone to take over and the run the museum? a. A possible better way to handle the situation could have been to see what direction they were going to go in. To formulate a group