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Customer service Q&A

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Performance objective

The candidate must demonstrate knowledge and understanding of customer service principles.

Assessment description

Candidates are required to answer a series of questions dealing with customer service.


1. You will need to read the questions and respond in writing with the most suitable answer.

2. Complete the questions below. If you need help understanding any questions, ask your assessor to explain.

3. This is an open-book assessment, so you may use your student workbook to assist you to answer these questions.

Adjustment for distance-based learners:

• No variation of the task is required

• A follow-up interview may be required (at the discretion of the assessor).

• Documentation can be submitted electronically or posted in the mail.


• Answer questions completely.

Customer service questions

Question 1: What’s the difference between internal and external customers?

Internal customers can are any persons who either works for an organization and serve

People that are not employed by that organization.

External customers are those whom do not work for the organization ,which are buying a

Product/service to fulfill a need.

Question 2: Why would an organisation implement a customer service strategy?

Organization implements a customer service to maintain existing customers and recruit

New customers

Question 3: What is a customer service standard?

A Customer service standard is the interaction between a business and its customers.

Customer service standards are excellence, response time ,accessibility, delivery time

and commitment.

Question 4: What is a work instruction?

These are instructions that specify how a task is to be carried out. The level of detail

Should be appropriate to the skill and training of the operator. Work instructions are used

In Lean production.

Question 5: Name three elements of customer service

In the area of customer service ,there are three basic elements

People Quality Technology Each elements is essential when servicing a customer

and continuing to build a relationship with the customer

Question 6: What is a ‘Moment of Truth’?

A moment of truth is usually defined as an instance where in the customer and the

Organization comes into contact with one another in a manner that gives the customer

An opportunity to either form or change an impression about the firm.

Question 7: What is fair value?

Question 8: Name three different ways we can get information on customer needs:

We can get information of customer needs with the different ways

1 Paper Survey

2 Suggestions Boxes

3 internet questionnaire

Question 9: Name three types of customer complaint:

Complaints come in all shapes and sizes. Complaints can be generated by everything

From product malfunctions to improperly trained or