Essay about Differences: Family and Physical Appearance

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Growing up in society, individuals will be molded by television, to some degree. Experiencing television episodes can portray how family living should be. For example, The Brady Bunch, is a show that many recognize as having the happiest family on the block. Therefore, people may tune in and compare their own family's relationships to the Brady family's characteristics on the television show. Nevertheless, in reality, any modern family has their own unique hardships to overcome. In the short story "Everyday Use For Your Grandmama," Alice Walker tells a realistic view of a mother and her two daughters. The two sisters have different outlooks on life, which is reflected by the differences in their personalities, their physical appearance and their appreciation of their heritage. The sisters' personalities are cultivated by the experiences in their lives. Maggie is more of an old-fashioned character. She stays with her mother all the time, which dulls her to modern day education. Dee said, "Maggie's brain is like an elephant's." Maggie embraces the simplicity of life and her country lifestyle keeps her grounded and down to earth. Dee is the more modern, city girl. Luckily for her, Dee was sent to a school where she gains a higher education. Somehow, she felt above the old-fashioned lifestyle and would constantly put her mother and sister down for continuing to live the way they do. She is materialistic and would argue her way into getting what she wants. Dee has little remorse for her sister and would not hesitate to call Maggie names. Each sister views her own physical appearance differently. Maggie is rough and rigid. She is very much alike her mother, both of them having coarse, "man-working hands." Maggie was left with burn scars down her arms and legs from when their old house went down in flames. Dee is more alluring than her sister Maggie. She is lighter, has nicer hair, and has a fuller figure. Alice Walker explains "At sixteen she had a style of her own and knew what style was." Growing up, the sister's develop differing senses of gratitude towards their