Driver's License Is the Solution Essay

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Driver's License is the Solution
In the article " Driver's License is the Solution", the writer discusses about the agreements and disagreements whether illegal immigrants in California should be allowed to get a driver license or not. He also provides four favorable reasons to support his arguments. He explains that the city and state will be safer, the undocumented immigrants will drive more safely, the accident damages will be covered, and the potential terrorists will be easily tracked if they have the right to get a driver licenses. Two interesting ideas that I would like to discuss are the road safety will be improved and the potential terrorists will be kept tracked. First, the writer states that " If they were allowed to get licenses, they would be properly trained not only with driving lessons, but also with lectures explaining all the driving rules, signs, and etiquette." In other words, undocumented immigrants can learn the driving regulations, signs, etiquette other than driving lessons from getting licenses. I agree with this statement because it is very essential knowing the rules as driving even though you are good at behind-the-wheel lesson. Most car accidents in US occurred not only from drunk drivers but also from new drivers who barely know the rules. Also, the driving rules is the prerequisite test you need to pass in order to practice driving. It is true that if you don't know your priority at the stop sign or to turn right at the red light, you more likely get in the unexpected accident. A lot of car crashes happened due to the lack of knowledge about driving rules of the drivers who don't notice or don't understand the signs which tell them to slow down or merged lanes. Therefore, when giving a chance for illegal immigrants to get a license, we also give them chance to learn driving rules officially, so they can drive more safely which eventually reduces the rate of car accidents. Second, the writer also mentions that "Improving homeland security through fingerprinting and background checking, which could help track potential terrorists," Alternatively, using fingerprint and background checking method can secure the homeland's safety because the potential terrorists will be tracked. In my experience, when filling the application for CRC college, I am always asked to provide my SSN or