Essay on Enjoying Sexuality

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Tomecia Sobers
PSY 259
April 14, 2013
Enjoying Sexuality Sexuality is something that is directly affected by many different factors. According to Zilbergeld there are many different conditions in which to enjoy your sexuality. To have a healthy and promising sex life an individual needs to be comfortable with their partners as well as themselves. There are many different pressures placed upon individuals to ensure that they are sexually attractive and sought out. I have always heard that men are visually stimulated throughout my life. As I grew older I felt constant pressure to look and act a certain way to be found attractive by the opposite sex. Thanks to constant pressure from T.V. shows that I watched and the songs I heard on the radio I was given an unrealistic expectation for healthy relationships and a healthy sex life. One of the many couples I idealized throughout my youth was Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston. This couple was beautiful and flawless, the best example of an all American couple. Both partners were in top fitness shape with tanned skin, perfect hair, and angelic faces. Reading about this couple and watching them on T.V. made me feel as if I had to be attractive and physically fit in order to stay in a “perfect” relationship. However throughout the years I had begun to constantly read in the tabloids that they were having marital problems and that Jennifer was hurt by not having a baby with her husband. It wasn’t until later years when Brad had an affair with Angelina Jolie that I realized this glam Hollywood couple wasn’t all they were cracked up to be. I then realized a couple needs to be more than just attractive, but also be mentally stable and communicate between another. As I came into my teenage years I began to notice that more and more celebrity couples were starting to “accidently “release sex tapes into the public. At that time I found it bizarre that so many couples were engaging in filming there sexual acts. These incidents made me feel that one needed to be sexually adventurous to remain in a sexually healthy relationship. Our celebrities are seen out dressed scantily clad and club hopping and bed hopping, and this can give our younger society a negative image on what characteristics make a person sexually healthy. Not only does the media promote unrealistic and unhealthy relationships, but it also promotes certain products…