Exam: Nutrition and Healthy Diet Essay

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Eat Healthy or Gain Weight

Should try to eat vegetables and stay away from the processed foods in the grocery stores because of all the artificial sugars and other stuff that’s bad for you.
Juicers are a great thing to implement into your diet because they are all natural and have no processed/added chemicals. Give wide variety of fruit and vegetables you can consume then if you were to just eat them.

Fast food is a very serious problem in the world and is killing millions of people because they don’t take the threat seriously and feel as if they are either invincible to the results that come from fast food or just don’t care enough to stop.
Video Notes

One thing he continued to express was that you didn’t have to exercise to lose weight or become healthy you can do more then you may think by simply altering your diet. He decided to do a 60 day all juice cleanse of his body maybe being a little excessive but it really gets his point across about how crucial your diet is and how severely it affects your body. Cleansing the body and having a healthy diet can improve your body far more than any medication can do for you. A good way to reset your taste pallet is through juice cleansing. Prices can become an issue when buying all of these vegetables because they can become pricey with all the amounts you need just to produce a drink. To lower costs go to your local markets and make sure you buy vegetables that are in season because that is when