Explain Three Ways E-Commerce Can Provide Services For Its Customers

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University of People
BUS 2202
Professor Jane Burman-Holtom
September 28st, 2016
Three ways e-commerce can provide services for its customers.

Three ways e-commerce can provide services for its customers.

In this week’s written assignment I’m going to describe three ways e-commerce can provide services for its customers and to provide three examples of each. To further entail other requirements, this paper is aimed to be two pages in length, double-spaced in Times New Roman font which is no greater than 12 points in size and lastly include a reference list.
In the contemporary world and its aggressive business surroundings it is absolutely critical for each successful company to be visible for their customers and to provide them with the user-friendly services which allow them to get the access to all information they need without having special knowledge in the IT
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G.Morgan (2011) argues that “...Pay Per Click has grown to cover not just search engines but also websites of every type, including large news and media sites and all manner of social networks...” (p.8). There are several reasons for that: it is easy to create, it is cheap and it is mainly focused on targeted audience which means that the probability of a potential purchase is significantly increased.
2) Another possibility for businesses to improve their sales is the use of SEO services to push their websites at the top of search results. It is more money-consuming approach but it is also extremely effective since the overwhelming majority of consumers do not go to shops to find something anymore. Only one thing that they really do is an online search in the Internet. Based on that, it is critically important for companies to facilitate the search of their site, simplify an access to the requested information and be permanently presented among other leading companies and