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Ryan Klosko October 26th, 2012 The guidelines for developing and effective persuasive claim are that each sentence should have a specific purpose or role to play in the paragraph, and there are a limited number of roles. Keeping these purposes in mind may help you develop your body paragraphs. The sentences in a persuasive paragraph should be doing one of the following, serving as a topic sentence that presents a specific claim or claims, providing specific facts as supporting evidence, explaining how the facts support the claim or claims in the topic sentence or acting as a transitional sentence into the next body paragraph. In general, you do not need to end a body paragraph with a transitional sentence if the next paragraph is the conclusion. Also, one should begin on a warm and relevant note. Also make sure that you follow the appropriate format of writing such a letter. Date at the top left corner, followed by your name, the company that you represent and the address. The guidelines for writing employment termination messages one must keep in mind it is important to carefully word the message and to put it in writing. Here are some general guidelines that may help minimize problems. Time the decision to allow for privacy. The actual termination session should occur at a time when there will be few interruptions, possibly before or after the normal work day. Prepare for and rehearse your delivery. The message to the employee should be well prepared prior to the actual meeting with the employee. Also it is important to not beat around the bush. Get to the point without making excuses or minimizing the basis of the decision. Most importantly, make sure that the employee understands that his or her employment actually has been terminated. Also be kind. The fairness and professionalism that is exhibited at a termination session can support the position that it acted for business reasons and was at all times fair and reasonable in its decision-making process. One should respond to a customer’s claim when your company is at fault is by supporting the customer’s claim in your buffer paragraph. Since the customer probably thinks he or she is right, try to make him or her accept the logical solution. Be sure the customer realizes that you