Describe Wesley Reaction To His Brother's Crime?

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Describe Wesley’s reaction to his brother’s crime.
Wesley was shocked at first and didn’t want to believe what Gail had said. He had made himself believe that it wasn’t true and Frank would never do anything like that. After a while Wesley had to bring himself to the truth and take responsibility. So Wesley was shocked, disappointed and so lost because he didn’t think that his own brother would do something like this.
Why did Wes imprison his brother in the basement?
Wesley now knew everything to know about his brother and what he did to those poor girls, he didn’t want everyone to know about this and Wes wasn’t going to put his own brother in prison so by imprison his brother in his basement would keep him away from every one at that time. He knew what Frank did was against the law and he would not take it anymore, he was the sheriff of this town and he had to take action.
Describe Wesley’s mood when he talks about the paint.
When Wesley was talking to David about the paint job they were going to do together, I am guessing his tone of his voice was more soft and caring like because of what he said. When Wes said once we have sorted things out with Frank we will tackle this job together, showing the caring father he was to David. He was frustrated but was covering it up in front of his son so that David would not see him like that.
On page 119 Grandfather Julian accuses Wes of having another motive for arresting Frank, apart from wanting to uphold the law. What motive?
Julian accused his own son of being “Jealous” of his brother Frank because of that day when he walked in with a uniform on and Wes stayed home and became nothing.
Why does Gail tell Wes to let Frank go (p. 143)? How is she feeling at this point?
Gail and Wes are sitting down talking and Gail said “You can simply open that door.” Gail was pointing at the door at that time and Wes was trying to figure out whether she was joking or speaking the honest truth. Gail was scared about Frank being down at their basement, scared that she could hear him breathing in their house. She didn’t know whether to keep David close to keep him as far away as possible but most of all she was scared that he would break out and become lose in the house, as Gail put it “a crazy man.” ‘This was the day he would put his only brother in jail.’ What would you do if you were in Wesley’s position?
If I was in Wesley’s position I would have been scared to put my own brother behind bars. Being able to relate with Wes because I have a brother I know it would of been tough because you grow up with this person and you grow a close bond, so I understand why he put his