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TOPIC:Supporting Your Ideas
Review Questions

1.List five reason why support materials are important in a speech?
Ans:1)To develop and illustrate ideas
2)To clarify ideas
3)To make a speech mare interesting
4)To help listeners remember key ideas
5)To help prove a point.

2.Why are informal definations usually superior to dictionary definition in a speech?
Ans:Informal definations usually superior to dictionary definition in a speech because informal definition s that can be easily understood by the audience.This informal definition drives home the point that chutzpah is more than ordinary gall;it is the ultimate form of gall.Such a definition does more than help the listeners understand the term –it also helps them remember it.
3.What must speakers use to make vivid images successful?
Ans:Word pictures that are created by describing objects,animals,people,places,or situations.To make our description come alive in the minds of our listeners,we must use specific details to make vivid images successful.

4.What is the main advantage of using testimony in a speech?
Ans:The main advantage of using testimony in a speech is that it gives us instant credibility.Quoting an expert is a way of saying,”I’m not the only one who has this idea;it has the backing of a leading authority on the subject.”

5.Why should statistics be used sparingly?
Ans:Statistics be used sparingly because the statistics in the first version might work in a work essay,but in a speech they would be hard for the audience to follow.The second version,streamlined and simple,would be easier for the audience to hear and digest.

6.How many examples are needed to develop a point?
Ans:In some cases,one example