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Describe the two forces causing globalization to increase.

According to OCR, Globalization is the name we give to this trend toward greater economic, cultural, political, and technological interdependence among national institutions and economies. Globalization is characterized by denationalization (national boundaries becoming less relevant) and is different from internationalization (entities cooperating across national boundaries) (OCR #7). One of the core reasons of globalization is Technological Developments. Computers have made our life so easy that we can connect with anyone from all over the world at anytime for real time conversation. There are so many companies now days, that are benefiting from technical for example Film Roman, which produces the TV serials and gives its direction work to AKOM, which is based in South Korea. Because of technology, even transportation have got easier, we can track our package that is coming from other country. There might be a case, in which some technology is available in other country with a better production environment than our country. For example, Apple designs their iPhones in California, USA but gives their manufacturing work in China because of the resources and technology is cheaper and with a better environment there. Access to the lower cost workers is also another force for causing globalization to increase. For example, there are many companied in United Stated, which outsources their work to other countries since they would get their work done in other country cheaper. For example, companied like Microsoft, Accenture, they outsource their most of the software development and Information technology work to other countries like India and China. The reason is Indian and Chinese people are smart and also cheap. For example, a software engineer that works at Microsoft office in their headquarters in Washington state would make anywhere around $140,000 at the end of the year. The same company has their braches in