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Food Food is the best thing ever invented. They’re many different types of food. Sometimes I see food and start dancing. Like last night for instance, I went over to my parent’s house and saw that my mother had cooked mustard greens. I lost my mind. Before I knew it, I had reached straight into the drawer and grabbed a fork. I snatched open the cabinet and equipped myself with the remaining materials I needed to get the job done. Unfortunately, the initial bowl of greens never made it out of the house. Due to the fact I’m greedy, I had to make myself another plate to take home. Then I started to think I should probably go home, because I know if my dad returns home and there aren’t any greens I will never hear the end of it. So I stayed a little longer just never returned to the kitchen. My mom came out of nowhere. “Are you ready to eat?” I replied, “With who me?” My mother says “Not you.” I already know you have been eating. I’m laughing at this point because she knows me like the back of her hand. I love when I hear my nephew say, “I don’t want any greens granny.” I think to myself, good, more for me. Now I just don’t eat everybody’s greens, and I’ll tell you why. Some people don’t like to season the food right, than I must start the whole doctoring process. If you don’t have the ingredients, I need to make a visit to the store, to get the right condiment. I would say I’m like this due to the fact I used to be camped outside in a tent for months eating nasty MRE’s. There are enough calories in a MRE to where you can eat one and you won’t be hungry for the rest of day. Now keep in mind it depends on which MRE we talking about. If it’s not tuna, chilli mac, or chicken breast, oh boy, you’re going to have the time of your life trying to devour that meal. One time I had a cracker out the MRE bag and almost died from choking on the dry cracker. There was some water out at the camp site, but it wasn’t purified for us to drink. So I used that water to wash up, which was useful, I guess. Luckily, my boy had some sugar water. If you don’t know what sugar water is, it’s a beverage used to just wash your food down with. So, on returning from the field, eating was a huge part of the plans I always had. I prefer a cooked meal over fast food but at that time either would do. There a couple of reasons why don’t care for fast food. Some employees don’t wear the proper equipment, while dealing with food. Seeing that I have been to many different countries, I have tried a little of every culture’s food that I have visited. I remember one morning sitting on a huge rock eating pita bread in Kuwait, thinking of when I would return home. There were times I wouldn’t eat anything. Learning to