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Jason Johnson Market Research
October 21, 2014 Pace University Assignment 3 Gatorade
The Gatorade Company, Inc. manufactures and distributes nutritional sports drinks and products for athletes. It offers sports nutrition products, energy bars, and nutrition shakes. Its sports drinks are used as official drinks by various professional and amateur athletes, sports teams, leagues, and events around the world. Gatorade became popular because its sports drinks’ delivers carbohydrates for sustained energy and replaces the fluids and electrolytes that are lost through heavy sweating. The company was founded in 1965 and is based in Chicago, Illinois. The
Gatorade Company, Inc. operates as a subsidiary of Pepsico, Inc. Sports Drink Market
According to research that Packaged Facts published in its June 2013 article, the sports drink market is valued at $6.9 billion dollars. Gatorade is No. 86 on Forbes list of the world's most powerful brands, worth $4.8 billion. It also commands 46% of the sports drink market, according to Euromonitor International data. Demographic Active Male and Female Athletes
The target market is active male and female athletes between the ages of 18­24. According to
Gatorade, their core message is that they are the main sports drink that replenishes the vital fluids that are lost during intense physical exercise and help you perform your best. The drink was designed for athletes and their needs during rigorous activities. Product Line
Gatorade evolved from sports drink to sports performance innovation company.
Gatorade created the G Series, which is a new line of sports performance products that provide the fluid, fuel, and nutrients athletes need before, during, and after a workout, practice or competition. Some of these products include Prime Energy Chews, Original Sports Drink, Thirst
Quench Powder, Whey Protein Bar, and a Protein Shake. Competition
Gatorade’s main competition are Powerade, Vitamin Water, Sobe, Red Bull, and Monster.

Gatorade’s New Product
Gatorade has decided to expand its G Series in a new category and create yogurt. The new yogurt will be called G Fuel. G Fuel will consist of 25 grams of protein to be eaten as a snack or before or after your workout. Yogurt contains ample protein and carbohydrates and is a low­fat food, according to