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The seventeen hundreds was an eventful time in history. With people like John Locke and Voltaire challenging the way the people think and how people should be treated. It sparked revolutions. The American Revolution is a well-known example of this. To be realistic the colonists should not have won they were hopelessly, no hilariously out matched and out gunned. So how did they do it? The colonists won the American Revolution because of the leadership, motive and their allies.
The colonies were divided at the start of the revolution. Each state wanted to fight but lacked military knowledge and organization. They needed a leader, someone who could organize the people and had at least some military knowledge. George Washington was that someone but he wasn’t a proper solider he need help so France sent Lafayette. Lafayette was a trained military professional. Together Lafayette and Washington led the revolution.
The colonists also were very conflicted at the start of the revolution. Many still saw themselves as British. That is until the British soldiers started attacking homes, taking land the colonists and to top it all of the soldiers could sleep in their beds and eat their food without paying a dime. The colonists were fighting for their families, homes and property. The British were only there doing a job for money they had no real motivation to fight.
The biggest reason the colonists won the revolution was that they had powerful allies. France and Spain were