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"Beware of Political Parties and Foreign Affairs" A few weeks ago in history class, we learned about George Washington's presidency. Washington knew that all of his actions were very important because being the first president, everything he did would become a precedent for future presidents. Some of the precedents Washington set were having a cabinet, only running for two terms (a precedent that was followed until 1933 when Franklin D. Roosevelt served 3 terms), being a strong commander in chief, State of The Union letters, inaugural speech and a farewell address. All of those precedents are still followed today and only running for two terms in office is now the 22nd Amendment to the Constitution. In Washington's farewell address he gave the new country words of wisdom and a few warnings. His most important warning to the United States was: "Beware of political parties and foreign alliances". Boy, George Washington really knew what he was talking about. A couple weeks ago, I was about to go to bed and as I was saying good night to my dad, he told me to watch to the last few minutes of the Presidential debate. I asked my dad what the topic of the debate was, and he told me it was foreign policy. Gathering information from the debate and asking my dad some questions, I realized that we are entangled in alliances and affairs with many other countries. I also could see that it was causing us some dangerous problems. I found it funny that George Washington, who is now long gone from us, warned our nation about the troubles that getting involved with other countries would bring. We are not heeding his warning and look where we are now. Obviously we as a country have to ally ourselves with other countries, and create good relationships with them. George Washington wanted that. What he didn't want was for us to get involved with their political and social affairs. Washington also realized that with many countries competing to be the best in world, the United States would have some enemies. He limited the number of enemies we had during those early years by passing the Neutrality Acts, that prevented us from being entangled with other countries. While we do not have an overwhelming amount of enemies, I would not say that we have made our best attempt at