"Good" Writing Essay

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Writing is a tool that people use to express their thoughts and ideas. “Good” writing consists of being informative, persuasive and analytical. In order to compose a “good” piece of writing, the author should include interesting and important main ideas, effective organization that creates a logical flow, and correct word choice and mechanics. Ideas are the reasons why authors write. They are compassionate about their thoughts and, in turn, hope that the audience will feel the same importance. When writing about the ideas, the author must include interesting details so the reader can stay engaged and picture the details in their mind. Showing the purpose and significance of the ideas will help the audience get a feel for how the author feels about the subject. Organization is guided by ideas. Ideas won’t make sense if they are not put in logical order. The beginning of the piece should catch the readers attention and want them to read more. The middle of the story should be your ideas and thoughts explained. The end should be everything summed up in a way that leaves the reader content. The most time should be spent on the more important facts. Nevertheless, the pacing of the writing should be equal depending on the importance of the ideas. Transitions should be smooth and easy to follow so the next part of the writing is introduced appropriately. The English language is made up of 490,000 plus words so there are plenty of choices to help decide which word to use. Verbs are a very important factor with word choice. The verbs should tell exactly how actions are completed. The verbs should not only tell you what your doing, but how your doing it. The author has to be specific in order for the readers to understand them. Adjectives and adverbs really help to make the piece more specific. The mechanics, which include punctuation, grammar and spelling should also be correct. If the piece is not correct, the writer will have a difficult time reading it. Punctuation clarifies where ideas start and finish. Readers