Happy Meal Essay

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13 March 2014
Happy Meals They are on every street corner waiting for somebody to stop by and decide that they are the final decision. If that is not good enough, they vulnerably put out their own mascot to lure anybody in to see what great tasting offers they have available for so cheap. Fast food restaurants have progressed in time and have only improved to bring their customers great tasting, satisfying products at such a low price. With such promising flavors and a full wallet still in hand, a large amount of the society now believes that buying fast food is cheaper than buying healthy meals. A majority of society are not aware of the true price differences of fast and healthy food. Moreover, the fast food industry has become so convenient and accessible for most people, that there is a lack of effort in dieting and developing a healthy lifestyle. “Pull open the glass door, feel the rush of cool air, walk in, get in line, study the backlit color photographs…, place your order, hand over a few dollars…, and moments later take a hold of a plastic tray…buying fast food has become so routine…” (Schlosser, 3). In addition to a routinely matter of buying fast food, it is so easy for one to get what they want, that one might often place an order without thinking about it. Anyone can walk into a fast food restaurant and work wonders with just five dollars because the fast food industry has made buying fast food so easy and accessible. Therefore, in today’s society, there is always an easy way to complete simple tasks such as figuring out what to eat. Little does today’s society know that it is the lack of effort they contribute that makes it hard to diet. Fast food companies like to project that they offer more for less, and they truly mean every word they say. For only one dollar off the value meal at McDonald’s, one can purchase four hundred and twenty calories from the new Bacon Buffalo Ranch McChicken (“The Menu You Love…”). But the question is, how much more is a healthier meal consisting of fruits, vegetable, and protein? “While healthier diets did cost more, the difference was smaller than many people might have expected…$1.50/ day more for eating a healthy diet…” (Rehel, “A Healthy Machine Costs…”). Because many individuals lack the effort to truly understand the expenses and benefits of purchasing healthier foods, they stick to this original idea that fast food is cheaper and faster. While many individuals cannot make such a transition to healthier foods due to the cause of fast food products, they seem to forget that the healthier side of fast food menus can contribute to a healthier lifestyle as well. Fast food restaurants have always, and continue, to supply their customers with a huge menu to choose from. “A fast food menu is like a minefield! One wrong step and a 2,100 calorie sandwich winds up in your stomach…but if you’re careful, you can come out intact with a meal in your hands, not on your hips”(Barnes, “The 22 Healithest…”). Although all fast food restaurants have a huge menu to choose from, customers forget that there are healthier choices to choose from in comparison to getting a hamburger. For example, Taco Bell offers a “Fresco Style” menu. On this menu there is a smaller variety of