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Keely Kindt
Mrs. Weed
2nd Period English
Your Choice Analysis
As a child or a young teenager I'm sure you thought about the possibility of magic and how you wish you could be a wizard or witch. That wasn't just a daydream for Harry Potter. Would Harry have lived a life in the supernatural without his friends? For my analysis I chose the Harry Potter series written by J.K. Rowling. I've read these books multiple times and thought that studying them more intensely would be enjoyable. In the Harry Potter books there are examples of amazing friendship between Harry, Hermoine Granger, and Ron Weaseley. (Spoiler alert if you haven't read the books but plan to!)
Would Harry be where he is now if he hadn't had his besties, Hermoine and Ron? In the novels there's many times where if he hadn't of had his friends by his side he would've had a terrible death. Ron saved him in the giant chess game trying to get to the Philosopher's stone, and Hermoine covered his mischievous tracks multiple times insuring he would be safe from trouble. His life has been saved, and the quality of it has been improved, all because of his friends. Of course he doesn't just stick to his two main friends, he also has Hagrid and Dumbledore along with multiple other fellow classmates that he considers friends. Without a doubt, Hagrid has helped Harry a large amount just like Ron and Hermoine. It would be almost a dull story without Harry's friends to spice things up, and add some jests.
Not only did Harry's two best friends help and save him, they supported him. They were there when he was trapped in the Durseley's over the magic-free summer. Harry was bored and picked on while he survived in the room closed in with bars on the window and a lock on the door that only unlocked from the outside. It didn't surprise many readers when Ron and his brothers, Fred and George, show up in the flying car and rip off the bars, giving Harry his freedom back. Although Harry's prude uncle kept the numerous letters that Hermoine and Ron wrote to Harry over the endless summer, therefore leaving the friends with a lack of replies and a feeling of being ignored, they stuck to it. They saved Harry and made him feel welcome right off when he arrived back at Hogwarts.
For some readers that still think about Harry's life even when they've put the book down it may seem to be interesting when they ponder about how Harry would've done it alone. If you take away all of Harry's friends and support, would he be crippled and unable to grow as a wizard? I mean, what if Hagrid hadn't shown up in Diagon Alley? Harry would've been harassed by other warlocks and witches. Hagrid saved Harry right off the bat, the moment he entered the magical world. What about if Harry wouldn't have had Ron while saving Hermoine from the troll in the girls