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Dior Johnson
April 06, 2013
English Comp 2
Dirty Harry In the article, Why Heather Can Write, Harry potter is among the many books to be faced by criticism from people of varied degrees. Particularly Christians and parents have widely objected harry potter books on grounds of the implications they have on the society. Although many have generally accepted the book as they claim it is creativity, a number of them are against them too. The book written by J. K. Rowling an author from Britain describes a lot of witchcraft and magic which affects children who idolize the star characters. The novel surrounds itself with supernatural and demonic ideologies which are considered unacceptable. Harry potter novels should be banned or censored. Through this children will have an opportunity to grow well living under a life without witchcraft and fantasies portrayed in the novel and also other materials with the same content. First, Harry Potter is not accepted because witchcraft is not embraced since it is usually an evil practice. Christians have addressed the issue demanding that the books and other materials be banned from schools and in the libraries where people easily access them. Christianity and witchcraft are on two very different ends. We all know that Christianity advocates for what is right and condemns what is wrong. Magic and witchcraft are against what Christian values advocates for. God is the only superior being and anyone who tries to imitate what he does in a wrong way is considered to be doomed to hell. Harry potter novels describe a lot of witchcraft and magic which have been greatly condemned. Hogwarts is which we find sorcery, magic, sacrifices and other vices which if embraced could lead to violence. The novel portrays the superiority of evil forces over the human capability through the witchcraft advocated. Whenever evil triumphs over what are right, this makes religious people question what is being advocated for? Secondly, children try to imitate everything and anything they read or watch about those characters considered powerful. Initially harry potter provokes an image of a good person but later we find out that he becomes obsessed with the evil he was fighting against, that is, Voldemort. The horror images in the book can also create a mental disturbance to the readers and these forces may haunt someone in dreams. It may lead to a state of restlessness and this affects what children think about,