High School and Word Count Essay

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Well, in high school we never really had to write many papers at all. In high school I probably wrote like three papers in all my four years. Most of the time we weren’t writing to perfect our paper we were writing to complete them and get a grade and be done with them. I don’t think a teacher ever handed me back a paper and gave me a chance to revise my work, they just gave me a poor grade if I did badly. I mean not to say that all my papers in high school were bad. They were good; I just don’t think they went into the drastic change that Harris describes.

In high school we had due dates and we were just expected to have things completed. We weren’t expected to have them revised and perfected. I think it would have been nice to be able to know how to revise things and edit things. The most I ever did was go back and fix spelling and grammar issues and if I was far behind the word count it needed to be some times I would add fancy words to make my word count go over the minimum. I was in high school to get a grade. The teachers didn’t care as long as I did it. They didn’t care about the quality of work.

The only time I ever went through ad thoroughly revised a paper over and over again was for my college essays and my mom helped me. She was wonderful. :] She is a lawyer so she analyzes writing for a living. She help me so much and I think that’s how I really learned to revise how Harris thinks people should revise writing and academically I wasn’t…