How Do Concussions Affect Football Players

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How do concussions affect football players? This essay will inform you about many things about concussions. My essay will include my essential question, what a concussion is, what it may cause, what the problem is, who all may be involved, some solutions, and some fun facts! Concussions are very bad and may sometimes cause death. I used many resources to find these facts and interesting information.

How do concussions affect football players? Concussions affect football players, because they won't remember anything or it can cause very severe brain damage. Another reason is because it may cause serious death. A concussion is, a typical trauma to the brain. It happens when something hits the brain causing it to form into the blood clots and it forms a headache and pain. Its also caused when something directly blows to the head. In order to heal the concussions is to rest for a couple of weeks. I don't think that football players should be able to play after a concussion because they have to heal and they won't heal if they keep playing and hurting themselves. The definition of a concussion is A concussion is an Injury to the head or the spinal cord due to jarring from a blow or fall. Or it may
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They also have to make it tighter so the helmets won’t fall off when they collide.The people who are involved with concussions are High school football players, NFL football players, Ice Hockey players, Rugby players, Women soccer players, Basketball players, Skiing and snowboarding, wrestling players, cheerleading, and volleyball players.This is an issue, because a lot of people end up getting hurt and might end up dying. And you may get diseases like long Term Memory Loss, And it may cause blood vessels injuries and injury to the nerves. There are many different types of helmets in football like, a schutt helmet, Riddell helmet, and a Xenith