How Soccer Changed My Life

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Ever since I was a young freshman girl on my High School’s soccer team, I knew I wanted to be a part of something that could help make a change in our school one step at a time, no matter how long or hard it would take. The specific change that I was determined to make was to simply make everyone feel wanted, whether they dealt with anxiety of social change or even special needs. For me, meeting new people, adjusting to a new schedule, and trying to connect with older girls’ on the soccer team was just the beginning of my desire to make a difference, due to the fact that I felt helpless to myself. My goal was to make sure I could get more and more people to conquer their inhibition, and I could not stop until my heart felt a sense of satisfaction. As a student-athlete, I have always tried my best to place myself in …show more content…
Although my school work has always been important to me, I have invested a lot of myself and my time to well-roundedness by involving myself in many in and out of school activities. Always having my goal to make a change in the front of my mind, I started to involve myself in clubs such as Advisory Board, Helping Little Hands, Link Crew, Future Business Leaders of America and Special Olympics. These opportunities helped me to express leadership, get involved in life-changing fundraisers and most of all, help me to accomplish my goal. My two most impacting clubs throughout High School have been Link Crew and Special Olympics. When I was a freshman, I did not have the advantage or luck of being given an upper classmen leader who