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Dealing with the change process, the first step for managers is to determine the need for change, which can be conducted by analyzing situations and find out what it is that is preventing the organisation from achieving a desired performance level or future state (Stone, 2011). Then, managers should identify the potential obstacles to change, and they usually include the awareness and knowledge, motivation, acceptance and beliefs, skills and practicalities (NHS, 2007). These barriers can generate resistance to change which often occurs when the manager or employees feel threatened by change within the workplace. Some of the common resistance issues raised by Stone (2010) “are lack of trust, fear of unknown, work overload, perceived economic loss, belief that change is not necessary and loss of confidence”.
The following procedure is to implement change and Lewin (1951) developed a 3-step model to measure change process. As the following figure shows, the first step is the unfreezing process, it involves management preparing the organization to accept that change is necessary and break down the existing status quo like encourages individuals to discard old behaviours or attitudes;
Step two is the changing or moving process, it contains management initiating action to change the key organizational variables like structure, attitudes or values, time and communication are the two key components in this step as staff need time to understand the changes and they also need to feel highly connected to the organization throughout the transition period;
The final step is the refreezing process, it focuses on reinforcing the desired outcomes by rewarding employees to ensure that the change in