Human Resource Management Essay

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HR Best Practice!
Performance Evaluation and Feed Back and
Career Development

Learning objectives:

Purpose of appraisal performance in the organization
Summary of appraisal process in the organization
Most common Method managers use
Define the nature of careers in the organization
Discuss human resource management and career management • Discuss basic career development

Performance appraisal and management • Performance appraisal should be specific and formal measurement of how employee is preforming his/her job duties. • Performance management is general set of activities carried out by organization in order to enforce change necessary, or improving employees development within the organization.

Appraiser role
• The appraiser is basically the direct supervisor of the employees being appraised or evaluated.
• The appraiser must consider extensive planning and the context in which performance occurs so that any existence condition must be put into consideration.

Appraiser role
• Appraiser must have clear and unbiased view
• Information must be available for the appraiser and the person that is being appraised.
• If this approached done in a fair and unbiased manner, it should the one being appraised to be more receptive.

Gathering feedback
• Feedback should be gather from all side of management, below, above or side.
• When gathering all information from all managers, this approach should be helpful during your evaluation.

Feedback should not all be negative • Employees should be