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What is Human Resources Management? How can Human Resource professionals use Human Resources concepts to help manage employee performance (and or behavior)? human resource management refers to a human resource strategy that emphasizes employees as resources that either benefit or are a detriment to the company (Wise Geek, 2014).
Managers are responsible for optimizing all of the resources available to them material, capital, and human. 1 When it comes to managing people, however, all managers must be concerned to some degree with the following five activities: staffing, retention, development, adjustment, and managing change (Cascio, 2013)
Staffing comprises the activities of (1) identifying work requirements within an organization; (2) determining the numbers of people and the skills mix necessary to do the work; and (3) recruiting, selecting, and promoting qualified candidates Cascio, (2013)
Retention comprises the activities of (1) rewarding employees for performing their jobs effectively; (2) ensuring harmonious working relations between employeesand managers; and (3) maintaining a safe, healthy work environment (Cascio, 2013)
Development is a function whose objective is to preserve and enhance employees’ competence in their jobs through improving their knowledge, skills, abilities, and other characteristics; HR specialists use the term “competencies” to refer to these items (Cascio, 2013)
Adjustment comprises activities intended to maintain compliance with the organization’s HR policies through discipline and business strategies cost leadership (Cascio, 2013)
Managing change is an ongoing process whose objective is to enhance the ability of an organization to anticipate and respond to developments in its external and internal environments, and to enable employees at all levels to cope with the changes (Cascio, 2013)
Select two theories you have learned in class. What is your understanding of these concepts? According to any scholarly source (or sources), do the concepts, you selected, relate to one another?
Management by objectives (MBO) is a well-known process of managing that relies on goal setting to establish objectives for the organization as a whole, for each department, for each manager within each department, and for each employee. MBO is not a measure of employee behavior. Rather, it is a measure of each employee’s contribution to the success of the organization (Cascio, 2013). To establish objectives, the key people involved should do three things: (1) meet to agree on the major objectives for a given period of time (e.g., every year, every six months, or quarterly), (2) develop plans for how and when the objectives will be accomplished, and (3) agree on the measurement tools for determining whether the objectives have been met. Progress reviews are held regularly until the end of the period for which the objectives were established. At that time, those who established objectives at each level in the organization meet to evaluate the results and to agree on the objectives for the next period (Cascio, 2013).
To some, MBO is a complete system of planning and control and a complete philosophy of management. In theory, MBO promotes success in each employee because, as each employee succeeds, so do that employee’s manager, the department, and the organization. But this is true only to the extent that the individual, departmental, and organizational goals are compatible. That is typically not the case (Cascio, 2013)
During week 3 we watched a brief video from TED talks concerning human motivation. What concept (or concepts) are applicable to this video (concerning Human Resources Management)? Explain your answer in detail.
Dan Pink is a motivation, began by talking about what he did 20 years ago in law