Humanity in Health Care Essay

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Yadiris Espinal
HLT 305
November 18, 2012
Humanities in Health Care Practices What is reminiscence? It is a powerful tool that can be used to extract knowledge, skills and experiences that are held by older people. This allows them to share this with others, and to help the older person feel valued. Human memory is fundamentally associative. This meaning that a new piece of information is remembered better if it can be associated with moments or events that are already firmly anchored in memory. Whenever we recall memories and are able to capture the emotions that are or were associated with them it will be easier to share them with others. When associating words with images, we are commonly using a mnemonic device. This provides two alternative methods of remembering, and creating additional associations in the mind.

The way our brain works is very complicated. We have short term and long term memory. In the case of 80 years old Jane Doe she is in the first stage of a slow progressing for of dementia. At this point it will be a great idea to introduce her to what is called RT Therapy (Reminiscence Therapy). This can help her feel important, a feel of belonging, important and most important; give her the power to feel at peace. It is hard for them to not be able to remember things when all her life she has been independent. It is very important to give her the help that s much needed at this point. Doing this will make the transition a lot smoother when she