Importance of Dress Essay

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Importance of Dress
In today’s society, dress plays a critical role in the way an individual is perceived and the opportunities they are given, which has lead to an increasing interest in perfecting the art of dress. Since the dawn of the human race, people have altered their bodies in numerous ways. Scholars suggest that the four main reasons for dress include the need for protection, decoration, status, and modesty. Human instinct drives a person to protect their vital parts from the elements such as the sun, rain, and fire, as well as protecting themselves from insect bites, disease, and supernatural forces. Research suggests that decoration is the primary reason for the development of human dress due to the idea that all cultures partake in some form of body decoration, even if they don’t wear clothing. The way in which people dress has proven to be one of the primary symbols of status among social classes and can also help depict the gender, age, and profession of an individual. Despite modern societies neglect for modesty in dress, it remains a crucial aspect of the way an individual is portrayed through what they choose to wear, or not wear. Of these four purposes, status and decoration characterize the ideals of a diamond ring. Although a wedding ring serves as a symbol of the undying love shared between two people, it can also be a symbol of wealth and prosperity. The phrase “Diamonds are a girls best friend” has proven itself true decade after decade. Despite its cold-hard texture, a diamond ring can provide comfort and warmth to any woman in a time of loneliness or despair. Equipped with seven diamonds lining a thin gold circular band, it sparkles in all lightings and settings it is introduced to. Abby acquired this ring from her mother in October of 2011 due to the celebration of her parents’ 25th wedding anniversary, where her father gifted her mother with a new ring, leaving Abby her old ring. The ring was a hand me down, therefore there was no cost to her upon receiving it. This item of dress would be considered a symbol of status because it typically depicts the wealth of an individual, based on the size, type, and cut of the diamond. The ring also serves as a decoration because it adds sparkle to any outfit. Abby has worn the ring every day for the past year and predicts that she will continue to wear it until she receives one of her own. Due to the fact that she never takes it off, her ring is worn to a variety of events. The elegance of the ring makes it the perfect accessory when dressing up for a special occasion, but the size and simplicity of the diamonds also allow it to be part of her every day wardrobe. Every time she glances down at her ring she is reminded of the love that her parents have for each other, as well as for her. It gives her hope that one day she too will share a bond with someone as strong as the one her parents have. She chooses to wear the ring not for attention from others, or to gain status, but for the way it makes herself feel. She plans on keeping the ring until her daughter is old enough to pass it on to, hoping that her own daughter will value it as much as she does. She doesn’t plan on ever selling it because the rings’ sentimental value outweighs its monetary value. However, she may choose to recycle it by re-setting the diamonds in to a more modern style ring or necklace. The reusability of the ring would affect her decision to re-design the ring in to a different piece of jewelry, however it does not affect the disposability of it. Although Abby did not purchase the item, she suspects that the recyclability of the ring affected her fathers’ decision to purchase it due to the diamonds’ lasting value, making it more justifiable to pay a large sum of money for them. The gold band was probably mass-produced in a factory with thousands of other wedding bands, along with other pieces of gold jewelry. Technology has allowed jewelers to create their pieces much more…